Учні “Інтеркласу” діляться своїми враженнями від зустрічі з американськими викладачами

Andrew Leontev
I liked the Fest and Melissa’s story about her funny teacher who was trying to catch a bee in the classroom. Diana was really super when she was playing the guitar. But Nate was intersting too, especially when he was playing the guitar.

Masha Shram
I’m very happy about Nate and Melissa’s arrival in Kryvyi Rih. They are so funny and smiling. They told intersting stories about their teachers and funny situations they had at school. Unfortunately people don’t celebrate Teacher’s Day in the USA, but Nate promised to change this situation.

Soldatenkova Tania
We had interesting presentations about Teacher’s Day, sang funny songs and read poems. We knew so much information about the things Nate and Melissa liked (their American teachers, friends, favorite books etc.).

Nesterova Anastasia
I liked the Fest, because it was very intersting. All were smiling, singing and Nate was playing the guitar.

Bereza Olia
The Fest was very useful for the students because the guests from the USA told much intersting information about their life styles. I liked the moments when Nate was playing the guitar and he was given a red apple as a present. Melissa had an interesting story about her teacher. I think the fest was nice.

Anastasia Rozhylo
I think Teacher’s Fest was intersting. Nate and Melissa were very friendly, sincere and talkative. Now we understand the features a good teacher must have. I liked the fest!